Monday, 3 February 2020

My year back in school 2020

I'm back in school and it went well with some of room 7 with room 8, my first day went by and it was normal. No homework & no conflicts (yet).

My primary day was standard similar to 2019, My ordinary teacher was still the same as old (no offense) strict and mainly nice. Everyone in the class was kinda friendly, except the Yr8's.

The unimportant day arrived and was still average, We learned about the Coronavirus and how it was consuming bats! gross, and we looked up an article commonly as a subject. I read that in China that eating bats are becoming a tradition, and how we can anticipate this coronavirus of attaining toward us, and i am still focusing on it but.. i have some concentration goals for writing & reading.

Friday- arrived and we attended to finish the coronavirus article  and discuss more about it. i decided to make the last of 2020 and being my multi-tasking in my activities and my decisions on bad things and good things.  I am also curios about my learning goals and my contribution towards it, and hope to see everyone happy for this year.


  1. Kia Orana Jeremiah. August here. I hope that you had an amazing first week of school this year.
    Did you make new friends? Reply back to let me know.
    Have a great day.

  2. hello Jeremiah kyle here. i hoped you liked your first day of school of 2020.
    what did you learn and did you have any friends?

  3. Hello Jeremiah.
    I really liked the descriptive words in this writing. I really hope this year will be amazing and full of kindness. I really like your writing.