Monday, 3 February 2020

My year back in school 2020

I'm back in school and it went well with some of room 7 with room 8, my first day went by and it was normal. No homework & no conflicts (yet).

My primary day was standard similar to 2019, My ordinary teacher was still the same as old (no offense) strict and mainly nice. Everyone in the class was kinda friendly, except the Yr8's.

The unimportant day arrived and was still average, We learned about the Coronavirus and how it was consuming bats! gross, and we looked up an article commonly as a subject. I read that in China that eating bats are becoming a tradition, and how we can anticipate this coronavirus of attaining toward us, and i am still focusing on it but.. i have some concentration goals for writing & reading.

Friday- arrived and we attended to finish the coronavirus article  and discuss more about it. i decided to make the last of 2020 and being my multi-tasking in my activities and my decisions on bad things and good things.  I am also curios about my learning goals and my contribution towards it, and hope to see everyone happy for this year.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

My Pepeha

Greetings All,

Wellington is The Mountain,

Mission is The Stream,

I live in Auckland,

Mataia is my family,

My name is Jeremiah.


Monday, 2 December 2019

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

The Treasure Box - Narrative


  The Treasure Box                 

It was just a pleasing weekend, Peter was enjoying himself with his favourite cousin and some friends . The year was 1938, Peter in fact lived in a village with his old father. While his mother was cooking potato soup for supper. 

Until darkness appeared out of nowhere. I was a small lad back then, I heard thunder and roaring planes flying over the village like I never heard anything like this.                                                                                                                          
My father came home in the cold, as I heard loud bangs and smoke fulfilling the air outside. My father quickly wraps a  book in cloth and put it inside a wooden box.          

My father tells me “Promise me until the end, you will keep this safe from danger, Promise me this.” I nodded then rushed outside to only see B-1 bombers and Germans attacking our village. I heard a soldier with his aggressive attitude, smoke is covering the moon, flames are everywhere, people are coughing and coughing all the time. We gathered up in a group with some decent villagers seeking safety. We left the burning bombed out village where it was.                                                         

We rushed away from the village realizing mother wasn’t next to us. I immediately stopped and tried to go back to the remains of the village and yelled in vain but no one responded.I couldn't bare to leave my mother. Dad stopped me and said “It will be ok” and he smiled at me.

Survivors of the village, journey over the mountains into the sunset. I know it will be fine, but half of me doesn’t know. Chaos was about to hit. We journeyed to the nearest village, to the safest place.

It just all fell apart, hell was about to begin. In the meanwhile I was clutching the box tightly against my chest.

On the way to the safest village, My father had gotten ill, I did not know what to do, I needed to carry on and presume my father’s work, we both carried on as my father put pressure on me on the way to the village.

By the time we have already reached the village, other villagers have already greeted us and asked us what had happened to our village, and they asked about our people.  I laid my father down gently on the bright green grass, I could feel what my father was thinking and knew he did not want to die. A villager gave my father some medicine but it did not help, My father still remained sick but managed to sleep for the night at the warm village. The Morning has come and we decided to leave and to say goodbye to the other villagers and so we left and journeyed again to the nearest town.

My father got extremely ill  he could not walk anymore, I sat next to my worried father and grasped his hands very tightly.  I felt his pain and suffering and he said “Please keep our treasure safe.” then he faded i could feel his warm blood becoming cold i knew he has died.

The next day the villagers helped bury my father, Villagers were kind enough to say nice things about my father. I moved on, a few years later in my life.  I have grown older and stronger in a different country with different buildings. I always thought about dad and the work he has done and the treasure dad has given to me and buried under the ancient Linden tree, everyday and every single minute and second I will always love my father till the end.

I decided to go back to the Linden tree where I once buried the treasure box.  I saw a little girl swinging forwards and back on a swing, I told her about the treasure box I buried and she asked “will I see rubies, silver and gold?” I dug it up and opened she said “Oh, it's just a dusty old ripped up book.” I told her it’s a book about our ancestors and about our village, it’s rarer than rubies, more splendid than silver and greater than gold.

I traveled back to the village I onced lived as a little boy. I could see straight ahead the library that was onced bombed was now bright and colorful. I went inside and saw the beauty that was in there. There was new shelves and new books with interesting stories and facts.  I put the book back where it was, so it can be found, read, and also loved.

Friday, 6 September 2019