Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Aroha's way


Aroha ventures into the forest and experiences feelings of depression and happiness.

Aroha ran free with the wind, her hair swaying on her back feeling peaceful hearing the birds twirp above her.  Aroha's friends were chasing her through the tall old trees, Aroha however ran so far through the forest her friends didn't know where she went...they thought she disappeared and began searching.

Aroha suddenly stepped wondering why her friends weren't there, her mind came into thoughts everything coming closer and closer. She starts to feel lonely & hopeless while tall old trees and bushes surround her. Aroha lays against a tree feeling tied down crying, saying pessimistic words to herself, her feelings of being free and at peace are broken.

Aroha got up and thought everything straight breathed in and out, she heard a slight voice calling her name. It was Aroha’s friends asking where she was, she began to be hopeful and calm.  Her friends took her by the sea, Aroha exhaled deeply and overcame her fears.

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