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Marc Chagall

 Marc Chagall

Name: Marc Chagall

Born as: Moishe Shagal (Lithuanian Jewish Hassidic)

Born: 6th July 1887 Lionza,Belarus, Russia.

Death: 28th March 1985 Saint Paul de Vence France (aged 97.)

Type of artist: A modernist, Associated with other artistic styles and formats like ceramics,stained glass,book illustrations and tapestries.

Where he lived: Liozna and many other places.

Facts about Marc Chagall: 

  • Marc Chagall's home was packed with his magnificent artwork like - I and the village, Birthday and White Crucifixion and many other fascinating pieces of art.

  • Marc Chagall got the idea of painting from a friend Cendrars he met at Paris art dealer/publisher Ambroise Vollard. Who in 1923 appointed him to create a series of etchings to illustrate a special edition of Nikolay Gogol’s novel Dead souls.

  • In the 1920’s Chagall met Ambroise Vollard, one of the most important art dealers in the 20th century and became friends with him. Ambroise supplied Chagall with commissions and through Ambroise, Chagall got to meet other leading artists of all time. 

  • In 1944, Chagall’s love of his life Bella died from an unknown viral infection, and due to the lack of medicine Bella died. Bella’s death made Chagall stop working for a period of time trying to get over her death. When he came back to painting, his first pictures were to preserve Bella’s memory.

Here is some of Chagall’s famous artworks:

'America windows' (1977)

-This painting is Marc Chagall's famous stained glass as a thank you to 'The Art Institute of Chicago' for naming a gallery as honour to him.

'Paris through a window' (1913)

This portrait is a image, where Chagall set off his Birthplace in Paris. The Janus figure through the window represents the artist (Chagall) looking at his new home in France and eastward to Russia.

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